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Former Indiana President Myles Brand passes away

brand2.jpgAccording to a report published moments ago by The Detroit Free Press, former Indiana President and NCAA President Myles Brand died today at 67.

NCAA President Myles Brand died today after a nearly yearlong battle with pancreatic cancer. Brand had served as NCAA president since January 2003 and had led the association through initiatives such as academic reform, increased emphasis on presidential leadership and discussions on fiscal issues in college athletics.

“Myles Brand was a dear friend and a great academic leader. He was a tireless advocate for the student-athlete,” said Michael Adams, president of the University of Georgia and chair of the NCAA Executive Committee. “Indeed, he worked to ensure that the student was first in the student-athlete model. He will be greatly missed.”

Our condolences go out to the family and friends of Mr. Brand.

Myles Brand diagnosed with pancreatic cancer

A sad bit of news that was disclosed this past weekend: Former Indiana President and current NCAA President Myles Brand is being treated for pancreatic cancer. Brand released a statement on the last day of the NCAA convention, an event he was unable to attend due to chemotherapy.

Myles Brand, the president of the NCAA., said Saturday that he had pancreatic cancer and that his long-term prognosis was “not good.”

Brand, 66, has led the NCAA, the governing body of college sports, since 2003. He disclosed his condition in a written statement to colleagues on the final day of the NCAA convention in Oxon Hill, Md., which he was unable to attend. He said he learned of the diagnosis “very recently.”

“I am currently undergoing chemotherapy, and I am receiving excellent care” Brand said in the statement. “I will know in the next several months the success of this treatment.”

On behalf of the ITH team, I’d like to send our thoughts and prayers to Mr. Brand.

Myles Brand: “I would like to see it at least two years”

mbrand23.jpgBack in April, I wrote about speculation that Myles Brand and David Stern were having dialogue about a change to the NBA’s age limit rule for the draft.

Our old friend Myles confirmed that speculation when he talked to The Dallas Morning News about the current rule and the changes he’d like to see made:

“I would like to see it at least two years. I did a CBS show with [NBA commissioner] David Stern in which we talked about this. I asked David how about two years, and he said ‘yes.’ He thought two years was better than one year, and I think two years is better than one. I think three is better than two, but I’ll take two. But of course he has to negotiate that with the NBA’s Players Union, and I think the contract is up in 2½ to three years, but he at least at that point expressed interest in exploring two years.”

This is a topic that’s only going to garner more attention now that Brandon Jennings has peaced out from Arizona and is headed east because he couldn’t enter the draft. Personally, my vote is to abolish this rule completely and let kids go straight to the NBA if they choose with one caveat: if a kid opts for college, he’s required to stay three years. This would allow the freedom of choice, but it also gives college coaches a chance to protect their programs from early entry candidates decimating their rosters.

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Stern and Brand ponder new age limit rule

brand2.jpgA report this morning by Jeff Goodman of says that NBA commissioner David Stern and NCAA President Myles Brand are in agreement that both entities would benefit from a new rule requiring players to stay in college for two seasons.

According to sources, the proposal would still need to be passed through the NBA Players Association.

“It’s a big step for the owners and the commissioner to say they’re ready to bargain in good faith to get the rule passed,” said one college coach who wished to remain anonymous. “The NBA is willing to give up something to get this rule passed; we just don’t know what it is yet.”

The NBA adopted a 19-year-old age limit through the collective bargaining agreement which expires in 2010-11.

Since the NBA put the current age restriction in place, I’ve always felt it either needed to be two years (or more) or done away with completely. If you’re going to require players to attend college, get in line with college football and college baseball and make it a three year out of high school rule. All the current rule has done is create the phrase “one and done.”

There will always be those who argue that players should be able to jump directly to the NBA from high school and they’ll throw out the success stories of Kobe Bryant, Tracy McGrady, Kevin Garnett and countless others. For every Bryant, McGrady and Garnett, there’s a Lenny Cooke, Korleone Young and DeAngelo Collins. Guys who would have benefited greatly from college but instead tested the NBA waters and got burned.

So what are your thoughts on the current rule and this new proposal? Do you agree with having an age limit rule to enter the NBA or should players have a right to enter the league immediately following high school?  Thoughts are welcome in the comments.