Film Session: Howard

  • 11/14/2017 9:24 am in

With Al Durham Jr. out on the left wing, Davis is again coming up to set a ball screen on Howard’s matchup zone. This starts to draw the lone defender in the paint up. Johnson has the attention of Howard’s defender on the right wing, leaving Smith room on the right block:

Durham passes the ball across the court to Newkirk and now Smith is wide open at the hoop:

He receives the pass:

But Howard’s able to recover back on Smith, so instead of going up immediately, he makes a move into the paint:

Smith has two defenders on him now and he fakes up once:

From there, he’s again able to use his size and length to get the ball up over the defense for the score:

Nice patience and control here from Smith.

Continue to page 4 for a look at Smith using his athleticism to go up and under for a score:

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