adidas May Classic Q & A: Hanner Perea

Hanner Perea became Tom Crean’s first five-star recruit at Indiana last fall when the Colombia native gave a verbal pledge to the Hoosiers on Halloween.

Perea met with reporters after a pool play game at Assembly Hall on Saturday and talked about the AAU season to-date, playing with Yogi Ferrell, his developing confidence and more. (Photo credit: Jamie Owens of J. Scott Sports.)

On Indiana Elite Team Indiana’s spring thus far:

“This is our fourth or fifth tournament and we haven’t won any yet. Everybody knows that we just need to play hard and get through these games. We need every game so we can get our first tournament.”

On whether it will help Indiana Elite having more depth on the bench:

“Oh yeah. I mean, right now, everybody’s getting to know each other much better. Our defense has gotten much better. Our offense has gotten much better because we’ve been spending a lot of time together. Everybody knows each other pretty well.”

On how tough it is to play eight or nine games in three days in an AAU event:

“I don’t think people realize that (how tough it is). Playing seven, eight games like this is pretty hard. These are good teams that run a lot so this is hard for us. To try to win four games in one day is pretty hard. It’s going to be tough for us.”

On building chemistry with Yogi Ferrell:

“I love playing with him now. We used to know each other but now he knows me much better. I tell him a lot of times he’s not used to playing with big guys on his high school team. With me and Big O (Obij Aget) he needs to get used to that stuff.”

On building confidence and becoming more sure of himself on the block this spring:

“I’ve been thinking a lot and I just need to start getting better in every game no matter who we’re playing in the game. Just need to start doing everything I can.”

On where his game has improved the most over the past year:

“My timing. I used to rush to everything. Right now I’m taking my time with the ball and thinking about what I’m going to do with the ball. I’ve gotten a lot better with that.”

On where he still needs to improve before college:

“My dribble and my shot. That’s the main things I need to work on.”

  • A. Schick

     Seeing film of him and actually reading and listening to what he says, I’m very excited to have this kid on campus. 

  • Anonymous

    Can’t wait for the 1st Yogi to Hanner alley-oop in Assembly Hall! 

  • jgongora86

     I don’t think people who do the rankings of players don’t understand how valuable this kid will be in our system. With Cody Zeller on the floor he will have plenty of chances to have his own private jam session.  If people double team him he can easily pass it to Cody for a consistent short jumper.  Thanks to Cody, Perea can take his time to build his jumper become a better all around threat.  I can’t wait to see him and Cody play together, because both will chase down rebounds.  

  • Dr. Burnt

    Hoosier Scoop is reporting that Buss Patterson has left Indiana Elite to return to his old AAU team.  Trouble brewing??

  • Anonymous

     I’m certainly not thinking of him de-committing or anything, but I am a little worried that he got fed up with playing on the team. I don’t know if the reason was ever established, so if I am off base, let me know, but I am assuming he didn’t like the fact that too many players needed shots. But what I am concerned with is the fact that he refuses to get used to it, since he will be basically playing with that team next year. Odd.

  • Anonymous

    He was late coming to the tournament in Ft Wayne, arriving just before halftime of the first game I think.  They only had 8 players for that weekend and the substitutions were very questionable, although all the kids were pretty good, but the timing and combos just didn’t make sense at times.  One of the people watching the game mentioned that he was not real impressed with their coach.  This guy apparently goes around and watches these kids a lot, may have been a grandparent or parent of one of the kids the way he talked.  So take it FWIW.  I agreed with the guy to an extent after watching 3 games.  Patterson did not appear to be one of his 5 favortie players. 

  • Hoosier Clarion

    After attending Run-n-Slam I too am dubious about the coaching of this squad. I would add in defense of Coach Adams he did only have 8 players available(Jurkin & Hollowell were injured)to play so it is not100% assured it is all on him.  One thing is for sure RP is a high energy player of old(like John Havlicek or Bird) and needs to be challenged by the competition against the other teams best player at both ends of the court for it to advance that energy to an advantage.  I believe RP has talent still forward of his refined skills and in 2 years will develop into the nightmare that any and all competition wishes not to play.  IU future is bright.    

  • Casey B.

    To everyone speculating as to why Ron left his current AAU team, can we just give it a rest? Frankly, it’s all baseless speculation.

    People leave their jobs all the time, not because they hate or don’t get along with their co-workers, but because they view another situation as a better personal opportunity.

    People move to new cities, not because they hate all of their neighbors, but because they view another as a better fit.

    Nothing about this situation, at this point, suggest anything other than Ron may feel more comfortable on his old team. It doesn’t mean he’s going to de-commit, or that he has any problem getting along with the guys on the team.

  • Anonymous

    Agreed, Ron is a great, multi-tooled player that will bring a lot of energy to the floor.  He played pretty well when I watched him, just a little erratic from time to time, but he’s still a kid.  Looks like he enjoyed playing the game too.  Possible that the coach was punishing Ron for being late?   

  • Anonymous

    I was suprised at how well Hanner played.  I expected a raw, dunking machine.  He is a lot better on the offensive end than I thought.  Probably needs to work a little more on the little short inside jumpers but when he was left open from 10-15′, he looked comfortable shooting the ball and made a few.  That being said, if the ball is in the air anywhere near the basket, Hanner is going to be there trying to grab the rebound or slam it home.  He is tenacious to a degree that IU fans have not seen, ever that I can recall. 

  • Anonymous

    I was suprised at how well Hanner played.  I expected a raw, dunking machine.  He is a lot better on the offensive end than I thought.  Probably needs to work a little more on the little short inside jumpers but when he was left open from 10-15′, he looked comfortable shooting the ball and made a few.  That being said, if the ball is in the air anywhere near the basket, Hanner is going to be there trying to grab the rebound or slam it home.  He is tenacious to a degree that IU fans have not seen, ever that I can recall. 

  • Alex Bozich

     Nothing to see here. Move on.

  • Alex Bozich

    Casey, you bring up some good points. Patterson is going to play for his old team and coach Chris Hawkins, who has coached him with both Indiana Elite and Spiece. 

  • Casey B.


    And if he feels that moving back to his old team will help him improve as a player more than his current setup, then doesn’t that ultimately benefit IU when he arrives in Bloomington?

    I think so.

    On top of that, Ron’s expressed a lot of love for IU since his commitment – which occurred before Yogi, Perea and Hollowell, let’s remember. The kid’s a Hoosier, and there’s no reason to believe otherwise right now.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll agree to the fact that AJ, DJ and Dane all left it on the floor with their effort.  What I’m referring to is his ability to be involved around and above the rim consistantly and often.  I was watching one of his game and a lady who had a kid on the other team (very annoying and antagonistic with her chants) referred to him as the rim wrecker.  I kind of thought that was spot on.  It’s like he is a stock holder in a backboard company and it’s his personal obsession to see how many of them he can try to break. 

  • RobD

    So when is National Signing Day for 2012 kids? Sooner the better. 

  • Alex Bozich

    You can think whatever you’d like, I’m just telling you based on what I know, this has no affect on his commitment to Indiana so there’s no reason to speculate that it does.

    Kids change AAU teams all the time. He’s going back to play for Chris Hawkins, who has coached him for a long time in AAU.

  • Casey B.

    If you want to make the legal analogy, then fine. Let’s do it.

    Much like the law is predicated on the rule that someone is “innocent until proven guilty,” any theory you have as to what ramifications this has for his future at IU or how it relates to his relationship with his team is just that — a theory. You can’t claim that you’re right to believe there’s something more to this until you see evidence that there isn’t. That’s backwards.

    Further, H-T and ITH have now both reported that according to the information they’ve received thus far, the decision isn’t based on Ron’s relationship with his teammates or his commitment to IU. That’s a lot more valuable to me than the supposition of an overly nervous fan.

    Until something emerges that suggests otherwise, there’s just no need to speculate about any hidden issues. It’s a waste of time. And honestly, it’s just a bit unbecoming of someone to come onto the site and crank the rumor mill like an middle schooler anxious to gossip. That’s all.


  • Casey B.

    Probable cause exists when a crime is alleged to have been committed. Last I checked, a high school kid choosing to leave his AAU team doesn’t constitute a crime. Your presumed right to “investigate” further into the matter doesn’t really exist, because Ron’s reasons for leaving are really no one’s business other than his own.

    Ron’s life isn’t a matter of public record – that’s my point.

    Also, I didn’t infer any “rumor” from anything Alex said…so I don’t really know what you’re referring to on that front.

    We take too much freedom in digging into every tiny decision high school kids make. Sometimes it’s best to just sit back and let things play out. If there were ulterior motives, I’m sure they’ll emerge naturally and not because you brought it up on ITH.

  • Casey B.

    I’ll let it die after this, but just wanted to make it clear – I understand the concept of an analogy. But Ron’s situation isn’t analogous to any sort of legal matter.

    What he chooses to do is his business, and there’s just no reason to go rooting around in a 17-year-old’s personal life in order to satiate your own need for more information.

  • Alex Bozich

    It doesn’t matter. I’ve looked into it pretty thoroughly. It has no affect on his commitment to Indiana. What else is there to discuss about it?

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