Pick to Click: Northwestern

  • 03/05/2010 7:17 am in

This is it. The final game that counts in the standings. Overall winner will be announced in the days following this game. Picks are due by 11:45 am ET on Saturday.

(Update: Just took a glance at the standings. If Verdell Jones wins Pick to Click today, Kyle S. wins the contest outright. If Derek Elston wins Pick to Click today, Kyle will tie tachilde and split the prize.)

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38 responses to “Pick to Click: Northwestern”

  1. JerryCT says:


    based on the last time we played the cats and recent performance I would tend to go defensive on them with a lineup like:

    CW, Elston, Capo, Hulls, Jones . Then if Hulls cannot defend then bring in …..Moore , who was pretty good last time . JR can come in for Elston who would draw Shurner on D.

  2. Kirk says:

    Verdell Jones III

  3. hoosierlineman says:


  4. jwoody says:


  5. generalrmk says:

    Pritchard. And goodbye, seniors. (Tijan, try not to hurt anybody this time.)

  6. tachilde says:


  7. ariufan says:


  8. brosallman says:

    Moses, come help us to the promised land.

  9. Indiana Red says:


    Thanks for keeping this going all season, fellas. Picking right was a thin silver lining to each punishing loss. Like, Kate Moss thin. But still.

  10. Staff Alex says:

    Moses will not be coming to part the red sea at Saturday's game.

  11. kesims says:

    what? Moses is not coming'? Please elaborate

  12. marcusgresham says:

    Verdell Jones III

  13. hoosiernuc says:


  14. NMHoosier says:

    Tijan Jobe…in honor of the big man's last game in uniform 🙂

  15. Bryan says:

    Dumes – I figure it's his last game, why not?

  16. Bryan says:


    Says Moses got the flu after visiting Maryland. Causing him to miss his final visits.

  17. parakeetjones says:

    VJIII – one final time

  18. SeattleHoosier says:


  19. kesims says:

    wow i like the size of this kid that decommitted from uconn at the top of your link ….i know we need a post player and this kid wants to be a wing (even though he the size to be a big) he seems to be the style of player that would fit into coach creans system

  20. guccimane says:

    Renee Albrecht

  21. Uncle Joey says:

    A Basket of Chicken Tenders.

  22. dfitz says:

    V J III

  23. mdiu28 says:


  24. sray22 says:

    Verdell Jones III

  25. hoosiert says:


  26. Kelin Blab says:

    Ok it is the last game I will participate….I am a gambling man….senior night…
    Devan Dumes

  27. derekphillips says:


  28. Hoosiergirl says:

    Dumes! Go for it buddy, your last game….I want to see 30 points out of you

  29. BaseballBuc says:

    Verdell Jones III

  30. shrekie says:


  31. aceman07 says:

    Elston – he's been building to an explosion of 20 points plus, that is if CTC lets him play 25+ minutes!

  32. bob_dog says:


  33. Courtney says:

    VJ III