Pick to Click: Minnesota

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Picks are due by 7:45 p.m. ET on Saturday. Updated standings will be available sometime on Sunday.

Also, a few housekeeping items regarding the site, after the jump:

We’ve had quite a few new voices pop up recently in the comments, which is fantastic, but I wanted to share a few tips for anyone that is new to ITH:

+ Registration is not required in order to leave a comment. However, all unregistered comments require moderation, which could delay your comment from appearing. (This could be anywhere from a couple of minutes to a couple of hours.)

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+ Twitter: First, if you’re not following ITH on Twitter, here’s the link to do so. Second, if you tweet about Indiana basketball, you’re encouraged to begin using the #iubb hashtag on your tweets. This will allow other users to find your tweets and in time, should create more interaction between all of us on Twitter.

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41 responses to “Pick to Click: Minnesota”

  1. BaseballBuc says:


  2. parakeetjones says:


  3. SeattleHoosier says:


  4. HoosierChan77 says:


  5. ksstorms1105 says:

    Verdell Jones

  6. shrekie says:


  7. JerryCT says:


  8. hoosierlineman says:


  9. ksstorms1105 says:

    Verdell Jones

  10. golfnellie says:


  11. derekphillips says:

    VJ III

  12. aceman07 says:

    This seems to be a bit of a futile effort to generate some hope right now, but oh well, VJ3.

  13. NMHoosier says:

    Jordan Hulls

  14. brosallman says:


  15. jaywiz says:


  16. Indiana Red says:

    What the hell, Verdell.

  17. raor says:

    Christian Watford

  18. bob_dog says:


  19. mdiu28 says:


  20. hoosiert says:


  21. HoosierSmitty says:

    Verdell Jones III

    Tough place to play and our sophomore leader is as “veteran” as we get…

  22. marcusgresham says:


  23. ariufan says:


  24. espeicher13 says:


  25. IUMIKE1 says:

    VJ 3

    The bigger line up will make Watford struggle at least a little bit than usual (hope I'm wrong)

  26. tmeaster says:


  27. tmeaster says:


  28. vslice says:

    Watford, one of these games he is gonna tear it up big time

  29. kentuckyhoosier says:

    vj3 , I've been rough on our team lately , im just passionate about hoosier b ball , that's all . GO HOOSIERS !

  30. Ryan Karr says:


  31. BFowler says:

    VJ III

  32. Kirk says:

    Verdell Jones III

  33. rct2009 says:

    Verdell Jones III

  34. tachilde says:

    V. Jones