81 responses to “Pick to Click: Ohio State”

  1. tachilde says:

    V. Jones

  2. hoosiernuc says:

    Verdell Jones III

  3. drewwerd says:

    Verdell Jones Three Sticks

  4. Ryan Karr says:


  5. TheStillman says:

    Dumes gets hot from deep

  6. HoosierEvan says:

    Going with Dumes

  7. parakeetjones says:


  8. hoostheman says:


  9. jgongora86 says:


  10. Kreigh_Smiths_Short_Shorts says:


  11. IUMIKE1 says:


    I'm with BFowler in that he seems to be the only difficult match up for O$t and for us to win I think he has to have a big game and our gaurds have to have a good game defensively plus our gaurds I'm sad to say will probably need to out rebound TP again.

  12. marcusgresham says:

    Christian Watford

  13. ldclark says:


  14. indianaourindiana says:


  15. iu92grad says:

    Like we know where you live–lol. It's on teh Big Ten Network, but I'm not sure what channel that is in your area;-).

  16. iu92grad says:

    Brett Finklemeyer………j/k. Let's go with Verdell.

  17. hooseyes says:

    VJ III

  18. BGleas says:

    Take it easy, Champ. Why don't you sit this next one out, stop talking for a while.

  19. Indiana Red says:

    Yeah, I gotta quite sayin what pops up in the ol noggin.

  20. Courtney says:


  21. hoosiert says:

    VJ III

  22. brosallman says:


  23. golfnellie says: